October 21, 2017
Friant, California

the Hammer

The Hammer was born from the love of adventure on the bicycle through the life of Edward O. Lund who left this world with the inspiration to create an event that epitomized the characteristically adventurous rides he so enjoyed.

ROAD RALLY: The Micro-Stage Race
Introducing the "Road Rally", the perfect mix of competition and camaraderie. We score specific "segments" through a single day, as well as the entire route from start to finish. That means you can ride for hours but only race for short periods of time where it's fun and challenging. The best cumulative times across all segments for the day are deemed the winners. Individual and combined segments are awarded. Click here for details.

Easy Route

The easy route is accessible to participants that might consider the longer options too challenging for their current fitness level, or perhaps just want to ride a shorter distance and make it back to the post-ride festivities a little sooner. Look for about an hour and a half to two hours on the bike.

20 Easy Miles

Classic Route

The road route is designed to bring you around some beautiful, relatively lightly traveled roads while keeping the elevation and length manageable.

50 Moderate Miles
2 Timed Segments

The Hammer

This route is going to take your ride to the limit with rugged roads through the Sierra National Forest. You’ll vanish into a remote part of California with seldom a car, and emerge with new respect for the roads that flank California’s most famous mountain range.

95 Serious Miles
3 Timed Segments

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Segment 1 TBA

Segment details will be released once the snow has melted!

Segment 2 TBA

Segment details will be released once the snow has melted!

Segment 3 TBA

Segment details will be released once the snow has melted!

How it works.

Oil and Water.

We've created a great course with top-notch support to make a challenging ride trivial. Feed and rehydrate at our well-placed service stops, get neutral road support and take in the views--standard for most well-organized century rides. But the "road rally" format adds a competitive element that doesn't feel like mixing oil and water. The event is designed to make sure you get the best of both worlds: roll casually through the rest stops, and drill it when it matters. You can be in it to win it and still hang back to cross the finish line with papa Ralph. We do not rank your overall finish time from start-to-finish. There's no incentive for racing the whole thing, unless the babysitter has a date.


Riders are scored individually on each segment for the top 3 competitors categorized by gender. That's 18 total individual segment podium spots. Additionally, there will be overall ranking awarded to the top 3 men and women of the day.


Each podium place will receive a custom Hammer Road Rally medal and additional prizes for their efforts.


You must start your ride at 8:00am with the group and be back to the finish by 2:00pm.

If you do not make the designated cutoff times for each segment, your times will not be recorded.

The Stops

One of the best parts about the ride is that you can cover a huge distances, tackle big Sierra climbs and spend lots of hours in the saddle with the support you need to do it all with relative ease. We provide staffed and stocked aid stations with great food, on-course and roving support and marshaling and periodic traffic control to make an epic day on the bike fun and memorable.


Here are just a few scenics along the route.

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The Hammer $80 | Classic $65 | Easy $50